About us

The world without spice wuold be tiresome. How many scents and taste nuances are given to a usual dish even by a black pepper! Arrived from far or not so much each spice has a distinctive character.


„Preskonita" specialists go deep into spice secrets for already many years. Fragrant „Aroma Bona" and „Aroma Mix" spice mixtures are welcomed in many foreign commerce networks. Tasty food lovers from Germany, Greece, Spain, Russia and other countries rejoice over them.

„Preskonita" is a constantly eager about perfection company. Introduced advanced packing and label marking lines allow offering to business partners a full spice packing cycle: from raw materials selection and purchase, mixture recipe creation, up to packing into desirable size and type pack.


Even not a big packs instalment can be printed with a desirable language label. Spice are packed in six different sizes packs with comfortable zips which help spice present within it keeping longer its best qualities after opening the pack.

Manual packing shopfloor operates at „Preskonita", where exclusive spice sets made of various sizes components are being packed.

All orders are made qualitatively, carefully and in time at „Preskonita".


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